Treats from nature you can bring with you


We analyzed all our fruits in search of the sweetest ones that exist. The higher the brix grade, the sweeter they are. A unique and irresistible flavor.

Innovation Packaging

Years of work have given us this new pakaging that not only improves the freshness of the content, but also comes with the first system of opening and closing a package that is used for fruits and vegetables.

Eat Fruit Without Limits

There are no limits or boundaries to where you can enjoy the best flavors from nature, in the park, in the mountains, at the beach or at work. Wherever you are it is a unique and special way to eat healthy.

Easy to Carry

The fruit and the package are adapted to perfection and offer you the perfect size so you can carry the authentic flavor of nature anywhere.

Open, Eat and Close

It`s simply and easy as you open the flap, take out the pieces you want and close it. This way you are able yo choose the next time that you want to continue enjoying a healthy snack.

Washing the Fruit

Return to the essence and purity of our fruits whit this little towel that is created with a citric base and natural plant extracts.

Fru&tube in the day to day

Keep the Refrigerated

The shape of our packaging allows you to easily and quickly place it in your refrigerator. The transparency of the top lets you always see the product, making it easy to choose which one you want. You are able to stack the tubes up and this allows you to organize the space in your fridge better.

On a Long Trip

We always resort to eating industrial processed foods that do not provide any benefit to our health. Our packaging is perfectly adapted for the cup holders in our cars. The key to eating healthy is having good habits, and at Fruitube we want to make things easier for you. Starting today, our fruits will be the ideal companion for you on your trips.

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